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Find Process Servers in New York.

Find  New York process servers and process service agencies in this process serving directory which covers the City of New York and all major
cities of the State of New York. To look for an agency or private process server who will legally serve your court papers,  this is the starting point.

We do not charge for  providing information on this web site or for inclusion but we reserve the right to reject requests for placements in this legal
directory. To get listed in this directory as a duly authorized process server  you must be a New York process server with proper credentials,
telephone and a physical address.
New York Process Servers
The New York Process Server Organization official seal
Process Servers Effecting Service in New York City and New York State.

We offer a complete list of private New York City process servers listed by geographic area
for Queens, New York County, Richmond County, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island and
Upstate New York.  These process servers are individuals, agencies and constables
whose main line of business is delivering legal papers in New York State.  

The top three criteria used to list process servers:

1-They serve legal documents in New York City or New York State.

2-They are expert process servers in good standing.

3-They serve process in the specific geographic area where they are located.

4- The NY process server has a presence in major media: Telephone directory and major
search engines.

5- The NY process server has contact numbers and/or email address or web site.

We are an independent, free, non commercial directory without any ties to any of the legal
firms, process service agencies, and notaries we list. Therefore we can provide unbiased
reviews and information for you to choose the right  New York  process service provider
that better suits your needs. Our greatest strength is that we are really focused on
providing  information to you, not ads.

What's New in this Legal Directory?

We have updated our New York Process Server pages to reflect a more standard  and
focused content throughout our web site. We now feature a recommended New York
Process Server section where we list a remarkable process server with an outstanding
service record. We will continue to add more NY process servers  As a noncommercial,
neutral legal process service directory we aim to provide information useful to our visitors.

Since February , 2012, all New York City process servers must carry an electronic GPS
device (Possibly an i-
Phone or Droid mobile telephone 3G or 4G), have a contract with an
electronic device agency (E.g. Civil Map, Process 360) for global tracking, have passed
process server exam and hold a surety  bond of  $10,000.00 (For individual NY process
servers) and $100, 000.00 (For New York process service agencies) . Otherwise the NYC
Department of Consumers Affairs will not renew their process serving licenses.

We keep searching for new professional process servers to add to our  New York Process
Server Directory . It appears that we have already listed most outstanding established
process servers for  Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, and Manhattan. We have
added new listings for process servers in Long Island, Manhattan, Upstate New York
attorneys and New York City process servers.

We will also continue adding original legal articles regarding the process serving industry
attorneys, process servers and litigants. Those articles can be found on our
Facebook.com/NYProcess and  Tweeter  pages as of  January 10, 2013. They focus on
outstanding legal cases from New York and out of state regarding service of legal
documents. Said cases deserve to be studied and reviewed.

We still continue  adding relevant process service agencies for New York  to make this
legal directory more complete. Our goal is to publish information about all New York
process servers  which deserve the public's consideration.. At this point in time we have
more New York City process servers listed than any other process server directory in the
Internet. We have finished listing all the relevant process servers of New York, NY. Here is
the relevant process server criteria :

Now  we are offering  an extensive and specialized list of New York City process servers.
Here you can find all active process server agencies in New York County, Bronx County,
Kings County, Richmond County ,Queens County, Nassau County, Suffolk County,
Westchester County and other counties in Upstate New York.  Our next goal: completing
the listings  covering all of New York State major cities has also been established.

We have entered the year 2013 with more energy and fresh ideas. Please submit your
suggestions and comments which you believe could help us provide a better web site to
you and the public.
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    Recommended New York Process Servers:

    Superior Services JD, Inc
    54 Bristol Street, Suite 7F.
    Brooklyn, NY 11212
    Phone: 718-277-2968
    Fax: 347-295-0244
    Web: www.subpoenadelivery.com
All listings are free. To get listed in this directory, to send corrections  or to recommend a NY Process Server, please go to Get Listed or Contact:

New York Process Server Directory
P O Box 120164
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Phone:  718-345-0244
Fax: 347-295-0244

Please allow 2-6 weeks for us to review of your listing request and for publishing. Do not submit multiple requests. Not all requests to get listed are accepted. Please
allow 2-8 weeks for us to review, approve and publish your submission. You must provide  your name or business name, full address (No P. O. Box addresses, please),
telephone, fax number(if any), website address and email address. By sending your request you agree to get listed under the legal directory pages we deem proper.