Process Servers in Bronx, NY
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New York Process Servers
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Able Services
Olive DeWitt
2280 Randall Ave.
Bronx, NY 10473
Phone: 718-823-1691
Diligent Process Serving, LLC
P.O. Box 699
Kings Park, NY 11754
Office: 631-265-1851
Fax: 631-891-4190
Superior Services JD, Inc
54 Bristol St. # 7F
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Phone: 718-277-2968
Fax: 347-295-0244
New York Process Service
P O Box 120164
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Phone: 718-345-0244
Fax: 347-295-0244.
The People Process Server
2720 Bronx Park East
Bronx,  NY 10467
Phone: 718-924-0772
People Process Server in Bronx, NY
Legal Support Services Inc
Donald D. Feldman
500 Kappock St., Room 4-L
Bronx, NY 10463-6407
Phone: 718-543-2598
Fax: 718-548-5946
A 1 Terry Young Process Server
527 W. 151st St.
New York, NY 11031
Phone: 347-200-2972
BM Process Serving
43 Bronx River Rd.
Yonkers, NY  10704
Phone: 914-803-0386.
Paragon Process Services Co.
233 Broadway 710
New York, NY
Phone: 213-962-0901
Angela Perez -Flashpoint Investigations
640 East 137th Street
Bronx, NY 10452
Phone: 718-610-9696
Fax: 347-464-0712
H R Process Serving
German Rivera
2152B  Westchester Ave.
Bronx, NY 10462
Phone: 917-862-0036.
Direct Process Server
1040 Avenue of the Americas, 24th Floor
New York,  NY 10018
Phone: 877-801-1229
Fax:       212-624-0275
Action Subpoena, Inc
Gail Kagan
P. O. Box 236
Riverdale, NY 10471
Phone: 914-963-1941
Fax: 914-963-0530
Bagill's Legal Support
Joseph Gill
144 Lewis Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Phone: 347-713-0009
Fax: 347-435-3262
National Process Service
20 Vesey St.
New York, NY
Phone: 212-34903779
DM Process Servers
223 East 183rd Street
Bronx, NY 11458
Phone: 917-659-6622
Urban Count Services
3450 Wayne Ave.
Bronx, NY 10467
Phone: 718-231-0605
On Time Process Server
881 Gerard Ave.
Bronx,  NY 10452
Phone: 718-293-7476
Action Process  &  Legal Services
2203 75th St.
Elmhurst, NY 11370
Phone: 718-545-5818.
A & R Process Serving
945 Yonkers Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10704
Phone: 914-375-5941
Ashlin Process Servers
1750 Sedgwick Ave.
Bronx, NY 10453
Phone: 718-299-0754
Undisputed Legal Inc.
Brian B. Ricks.
909 Third Avenue # 8023,
New York, New York 10150
Phone: 212-203-8001 and 914-414-0877
Fax: 855-398-4420
Service of process in New York, Brooklyn,
Bronx, Nassau, Suffolk, Staten Island, Queens,
Westchester, Upstate New York.
Reliable Legal Process Inc
17 Urban St.
Mount Vernon, NY 10552
Phone: 914-664-1177
Speedy Process Service
21 St. James Pl
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: 718-789-1631
Mena Legal Support
2810 Bailey Avenue #55C
Bronx, NY
Phone: 347-735-3775.
1A Process Servers
P O Box 1085
Bronx, NY 10471
Phone: 917-304-5010
Personal Touch Process Services
5700 Arlington Ave.
Bronx, NY 10471
Phone: 718-796-3952
City Process Servers
Dovid Hersh
P.O. Box 102
Lawrence, NY 11559
Phone: 347-551-6609
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Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, New York
PrecisionOne, Inc
Jeff Cohen
1204 Ave U Suite 1012
Brooklyn, NY 11229
Phone: 718-310-80-79
5 Borough Process Service and Long Island
Earnest Serving
Angela Perez
640 E 137th Street #12G
Bronx, NY 10452
Phone: 718-891-2708
Fax: 888-866-3534
Shielded Process Inc
909 Sheridan ave suite 3
Bronx, NY 10451
Fax: 718-306-0961
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P O Box 120164
Brooklyn, NY 11212
Phone:  718-345-0244
Fax: 347-295-0244

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